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Huawei Y5 Lite Review

The Screen

A successor to the Y7 Prime 2018 from last year. The display is not the brightest but it is okay. The screen is responsive enough for typing, the colours on the display are a bit cold by default, but thankfully you have the option to customize the color temperature just to make it a little bit more vivid and closer to what you get on the mid ranges. 


It runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and from the looks of it’s a really light version of Emotion UI 8.0. This lets you have 12 gigs available from that 16 gigs of storage. They were able to achieve this by using Android go edition apps and less bloatware. You also get that stock feel from the quick settings which is missing some of the features of the mid range Y series like screen record and we share. The navigation buttons also cannot be customized.


 I found myself lowering my expectations with the Y5 Lite 2018 Just so I can get an objective opinion because as you know, this comes with one gig of ram while I forgot I was using a low end phone once in a while scrolling through my Twitter and Instagram feed, I was easily reminded that it’s not a mid range phone. The cause of the delay was switching between apps. So not a multitasking beast. 


It would handle very light games fairly well. And I mean very, very light games for a little while at a time. It will play pub G, asphalt 8 or 9 etc. So itself is playable with some light here and there. It’s also doesn’t heat up easily like the glass back phones that are powered by the same power VR G 8100 GPU. But then again, it’s generally not a gaming phone, So keep that in mind.

Battery Life

I found the 3020mp 7 hour battery to be more than enough for a full day of use with over seven hours of screen on time. It took about two hours to charge from zero to 100% which a third party 10 Watts charger.

The Camera

The interface is familiar but nothing like your mid range Y5 phones I played around with it and I can already tell it’s easily the most impressive thing about the Y5 Lite. It delivers respectable high dynamic range and detailed selfies for its price. It also shoots videos at 1080P.


Overall, I would say the Y5 Lite 2018 is Huawei’s way of catering for every segment of the market. It’s easier to overlook the absence of a fingerprint sensor at its price and it does help that there’s a notification LED and a flashlight for the selfie camera. I would recommend this for a young person as their first Android device or someone older who mostly makes calls, send texts, WhatsApp messaging and search the web assuming they are on a tight budget of course.

"The great quality camera is the most impressive thing about the Y5 Lite!"
Eric Okafor
YouTube Reviewer

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Huawei Y5 Lite 2018 available for purchase on Jam Store!