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Online shopping made easy with Intellimali

With Intellimali, students can shop online and make Jam Store purchases using their allowance money. Intellimali is a student payment system that provides universities with money for university students to spend on approved products and services, like grocery items, clothing, e-book rentals, and more. For more information on Intellimali please visit

How to buy products with your Intellimali card:

1. Select the ITEM/ITEMS you would like to buy and add it to your “CART”
2. Proceed to “CHECKOUT” when you’re ready to pay
3. Generate an OTP code on your cellphone using the “INTELLICARD PAYMENT” option
4. Enter the OTP code, which you receive on your cell phone, in the field provided.
5. Select enter.

You will receive notice of your purchase. If you have a problem buying an item please email us at 

How to register your Intellimali card

How to use an Intellimali voucher