Deep Wave Indian Hair Weave Natural Black #1B


While giving a strong and lively vibe, this hair has been known to be having the softest textures in the market.

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*Price shown is per 100g bundle

This hair will enable you to tell everyone to watch out because a sexy lady is passing by. Wear this wave with all the confidence that you have. While giving a strong and lively vibe, this hair has been known to be having the softest textures in the market. This hair comes from India and in its natural state, it is light and bouncy. This hair keeps its qualities even in its concentrated waveform. But for you to have it for a long time, you need to maintain it and care for it.

Key features of Deep Wave Indian Hair
– Each of our bundles weighs 100g, and you need to have about three bundles so that you have a full look. Note that the prices listed are for one bundle.

– Our hair has the highest Virgin quality of Remy hair available. For you to achieve the deep wave style, your hair needs to be texturized by lightly processing it. So the end product is not strictly virgin, but it uses the highest grade of natural hair that is available.

– You can bleach, wash and style in whichever way that you want but with straighter textures, extra care must be taken when bleaching as this loosens the waves. We don’t recommend straightening the hair because it will put it under stress.

How to Install
– You need to have three bundles but if you have longer hair that is;

10-14 inches- two bundles

16-22 inches- three bundles

24-30 inches- four bundles

Use a stylist that will strictly follow the following tips to make sure that the hair is installed properly.

– When installing your Indian hair, do not cut the weave tracks but instead keep them whole and install them by wrapping around your head. Cutting the tracks will loosen the ends that will lead to shedding.

– Avoid weaving through the tracks instead, weave around the tracks. If you weave through the tracks, it will destabilize the stitching that can lead to shedding over time.

– You can easily curl your hair with any curling iron. This is necessary because, over time, you hair may loosen a bit. It is also recommended that you use curling definers after washing your hair.

Care Instructions for Indian Hair
– Depending on how you take care of it, your hair is expected to last for 1-2 years.

– You can bleach or dye your weave to any color that you want, but we caution our clients to either come to us or look for an expert to do it so that the bleach or dye is done properly.

– Before you wash your hair, make sure that you brush it first with a finger comb to ensure that the strands are free flowing. This allows you to get a proper wash without tangling the hair.

– We don’t recommend that you brush your hair even with a paddle brush. Instead, use a wide-tooth finger comb to manage and style your hair

– Tie your knots into a single twist and cover it with a satin cap so that you retain moisture in the hair.


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