Peruvian Hair Weave Deep Wave Natural Black #1B


If you have been looking for the perfect balance of between thick course hair, and thin silky hair than your search is over.

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*Price shown is per 100g bundle

The Peruvian Hair Deep Wave style lets an individual make a statement while, at the same time, keeping things as classy as possible. People always tend to think about the deep wave style whenever they think about this kind of hair. The product that is available is full-bodied, thick, and matches the hair that many African Americans sport because of how coarse it can get. Here are some of the main key features of this product:

*Each bundle weighs approximately 100g. Typically, three bundles are required in order to achieve a full look. Some individuals choose to invest in four bundles if they really want to make a strong statement. All prices listed are for one single bundle.

*The quality of the hair that we use is both remy and virgin quality. The term “virgin quality” is used because the hair must be texturised in order to achieve the deep curl style, which means that the hair itself cannot simply be referred to as “virgin.” On the other hand, the hair that is used to achieve the deep curl look is actually virgin, as well as of a high quality.

*This hair can be washed, bleached, and coloured in any way that you want; however, extra care must be taken when it comes to bleaching in order to prevent the curls from getting loosened. It is not recommended that you attempt to straighten this particular hair, as this can create too much stress on the hair itself.


Installation and Styling Instructions

In order to achieve a full look, you will need approximately three bundles of Peruvian Hair Deep Wave. Here is more detailed information regarding exactly how many bundles you will need to achieve this:

*For hair that is 10 to 14 inches long, you will need two bundles

*For hair that is 16 to 22 inches long, you will need three bundles

*For hair that is 24 to 30 inches long, you will need four bundles

Here are some useful tips that you can follow:

*Never cut the hair’s weave tracks. Instead, you will want to ensure that you keep each track as whole as possible and install it by wrapping the entire thing around your head. If you cut the weave tracks, this will end up leading to shedding.

*Instead of weaving through the tracks of the hair, weave around them. This will help to keep the stitching stabilized and prevent another situation involving shedding.

*This particular hair is able to be curled with a hot iron, which may be necessary as curls loosen a bit as time goes on. In order to help maintain curls, it’s best to use both curling definers and water. Straightening this kind of hair is something that should never be done, as this is something that can create frizzing. If a straight look is something that you prefer, it’s recommended that you buy a straight weave instead.


Care Instructions

The Peruvian Hair Deep Wave weave will last for approximately one to two years; however, the actual length of time depends on how well you take care of the product itself.

As previously mentioned, this is a type of hair that can be coloured and bleached in any fashion; however, it is strongly recommended that you either come to our company or a local professional stylist in order for the process to be completed in a more proper manner. The curlier a weave is, the more important it is for a professional to handle a bleaching or colouring process. This is due in large part to the fact that this hair has been texturised and putting it through bleaching or colouring is essentially forcing it to undergo another form of processing, which can cause damage if it’s not done properly.

Before washing the hair, take the time to finger comb it as thoroughly as possible to make sure that every strand is free-flowing. This will allow for the hair to be properly washed without getting tangled. Prior to shampooing, use a form of pre-conditioning treatment in order to prevent any excess drying from taking place.

Peruvian Hair Deep Wave should never be brushed, not even with something such as a paddle brush, as this will only cause the curls to unwind. A wide tooth finger comb or even your own fingers should instead be used.

Prior to going to bed at night, twist your hair into a single braid before covering the entire surface with a cap made of satin.

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