Adam Element GRAVITY Mini 5K MAH Power Bank


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The personal power plant for your smart phone

Only the size of half your phone, the GRAVITY mini condenses an amazing
5000mAh capacity that fully charges a large-screen iPhone Xs Max once to double its surfing time, or 1.5 times for smaller iPhone Xs-class phones.

2 USB-A Power Output
GRAVITY mini features a Micro USB input two USB Type-A output ports
to provide decent 5V/2A power to juice up two devices simultaneously.

Magnetically Clipped Strap

Ever forgot to bring a cable with the battery? No more.
GRAVITY mini comes with a magnetically clipped strap
that doubles as a functional Micro USB cable.
Just release the clip, extend the strap and
your phone is ready to roll.

Slender in Shape , Handy in Time

You may be expecting a message after a long, busy day
and you really need the phone to stay awake.
With a featherweight GRAVITY mini on hand, the important text is guaranteed
to get through without a hitch.

Ultra Compact for Urban Combat

Weighing in at only 100 grams, you can hardly feel the GRAVITY mini in the backpack or even purse until you really need it.


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