Deep Wave Lace Closure


Lace closures helps to make Deep Wave weaves look authentic without having to show any natural hair.

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Deep Wave Lace Closures, also known as invisible part closures, are a great addition to any of Deep Wave or Curl weaves. These closures are square or rectangular sections of full lace wigs in which individual strands of hair are attached to lace material that are used with weaves to completely cover natural hair. Lace closures helps to make Deep Wave weaves look authentic without having to show any natural hair. Deep Wave Lace Closures have the following features:

  • Lace Base Closures use a fine Swiss lace that can look like the color of the scalp, so when the hair is parted it looks like the scalp is visible and not the lace. The base does not conceal the knots that are used to tie the natural hair to the lace material, but these knots can be concealed by applying a little bit of foundation over the parted hair. This will have the added benefit of making the material match the skin tone of the scalp better.
  • Deep Wave Lace Closures are made from the highest quality Virgin Remy hair available which is processed to achieve the Deep Wave style. Remy hair has cuticles that are intact and aligned in the same direction for a healthy and naturally beautiful look.
  • Hair lengths on the closures range from 8 to 26 inches, and they can be shorter than the weaves they are applied to.

There are several ways these closures can be installed. First, the hairline of the closure is occassionally tweezed to vary the density and to give a more natural appearance. The hair naturally thins out and does not have the same density in the middle as on the edges which is the desired look. Second, a part of the closure can be made more prominent by tweezing away some of the hair on the closure. Third, the natural hair should be braided to copy the part that has been create. Finally, the closure is weaved into the braids making sure the closure is aligned with the part created from the braids so that the natural scalp can show through the lace creating a natural and sooth look.

Deep Wave Lace Closure Hair Care Tips
The closures can last 3 to 4 wears, not years, due to the lace material weakening from natural wear and tear and repeated stitching through the lace to install the piece. It is economically beneficial to replace these closures rather that to repair them.

The Deep Wave Lace Closure can be bleached or dyed in any color but it is recommended that this be done through a professional stylist to be sure it is done properly. Closures with curlier hair has already been texturized, and bleaching or dyeing can put the hair through another round of processing can cause damage the if it’s done incorrectly.

Always brush through the closure hair with a broad tooth comb before washing, and use a conditioner treatment before shampooing to prevent the hair from drying out.

Fine tooth combs should not be used for brushing as this will loosen the curls. Only use broad tooth combs, and to maintain the wavy style use bendy rollers, curlers and a holding spray to maintain definition.

Before going to sleep, the hair should be covered with a satin cap to help maintain moisture and prevent tangling.

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