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Lace Closures are generally smaller in size and cover the middle portion of an individual’s head, while Lace Frontals work to cover the entire front portion of someone’s head.

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Straight Lace Frontals are able to bring together various benefits regarding Lace Closures; however, an added sense of versatility is involved. These are similar to Lace Closures in the sense that the hair is attached to a material that is made out of finer lace. Additionally, they are also both used with weaves to help cover natural hair while wearing a part at the same time. Lace Closures are generally smaller in size and cover the middle portion of an individual’s head, while Lace Frontals work to cover the entire front portion of someone’s head. Lace Frontals also allow for much more freedom for someone to part their hair in any way that they choose to do so, while Lace Closures only allow for hair parting on the middle portion of the head, which is usually the most visible area. These are especially great for women who find themselves dealing with receding hairlines and want to add a sense of fullness.

Lace Frontals are also installed in a different manner than Lace Closures, which is the only other major difference between the two other than overall size. We to take the step of sewing Lace Frontals rather than using any glue. There are some stylists and clients who actually prefer weave the Frontal in at the back while using glue in the front.

Features of Straight Lace Frontals

The Straight Lace Frontals that we provide contain the following features:

  • A thin Swiss Lace that matches the color of an individual’s scalp or is completely transparent. These do not conceal any of the knots that are normally used to attach actual hairs to the lace itself. These specific dots are not very visible, but they can be concealed further by applying some foundation over the parting area. This will allow the material to better match your skin tone, as well as hiding the knots.
  • There is only one size available, which is 13 inches long by 4 inches wide.
  • The laces use Straight Virgin Remy hair which is not only soft, but can also match virtually any type of weave. This hair has not been processed in any fashion, meaning all cuticles are intact and properly aligned.
  • There are various lengths available, ranging from 8 inches to 26 inches.

Installation Instructions

There are several different ways that you can install Straight Lace Frontals; however, there is one method that is the most common. The hairline of the frontal must first be tweezed in order to vary the density and to help provide an appearance that is much more natural. Next, create a part by tweezing away some of the hair that is on the frontal itself. Then, braid your hair in a way that imitates the specific part that you have just created.

Additionally, you can also install a frontal by sewing it in and gluing it in the front; however, it should be heavily noted that this is not a process that we engage in here at Volure. This is a step that we recommend only if you have experience with lace wig glue.

Care Instructions

Here are some useful tips that you can take to help care for your Straight Lace Frontals:

  • This kind of frontal will generally last between approximately three to four wears, which can cause the material to naturally weaken over time thanks in large part to repeated installation stitching and natural wear and tear. We recommend that you simply replace the entire frontal after it has gone through around three to four installations
  • Since the hair used in this kind of frontal is a high quality, it can be dyed and bleached; however, we recommend that you  visit your local professional stylist to undergo this procedure rather than attempt it yourself in order to ensure that it is done correctly.
  • Always ensure that you brush the hair as thoroughly as possible with a paddle brush before you make any attempt to wash it. Before shampooing, use a form of pre-conditioning treatment, which will reduce the amount of drying that takes place.
  • The hair contained in the frontal can be brushed as regularly as you wish to do so. Begin with the tips of the hair and gently work your way toward the roots. A paddle brush should be used for this process rather than a fine tooth comb.
  • Prior to going to bed at night, be sure to cover your head with a cap made of satin, as this will help prevent tangling and will also work to retain as much moisture as possible.

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