Peruvian Hair Weave Afro Curl Natural Black #1B


If you have been looking for the perfect balance of between thick course hair, and thin silky hair than your search is over.

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Afro Curl Peruvian Hair weaves come with curls that are tighter than the Kinky Curl styles and mimic the look and feel of genuine Afro styles. Peruvian hair that is used for the Afro style is thick, full bodied, and slightly course that resembles real Afro hair. Afro Curl Peruvian Hair comes in bundles of around 100g, and the number of bundles to achieve a full look are as follows:

2 bundles = 10 to 14 inches

3 bundles = 16 to 22 inches

4 bundles = 24 to 30 inches

Hair Quality
Afro Curl Peruvian Hair is made from the highest quality Virgin Remy hair available. In order to achieve the Afro Curl style, the hair is processed, yet it is truly Remy which means the hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction that creates a clean and healthy sheen.

Afro Curl Peruvian Hair weaves should be installed by a professional at Volure or by some other professional stylist who can do it properly. Do not cut the weave tracks and install the weave by wrapping it around the head. Cutting the weave tracks creates loose ends and leads to shedding. Also weave around the tracks and not through it because weaving through the tracks destabilizes the stitching which can lead to shedding as well.

Hair Styling
The best way to style Afro Curl Peruvian Hair weaves is to use water and curl definers. Straightening the hair is not recommended as this will result in a frizzy look. Customers who want to have a straight look should purchase the Straight Peruvian Hair weave instead. Combing should be done with the fingers or with a broad tooth finger comb.

Hair Care
The Afro Curl Peruvian Hair weave can last about a year, but if it is well taken care of it can last as long as two years.

The weave can be bleached or dyed in any color, but it is recommended that it should be done by a professional stylist at Volure or some other location where the bleaching or dyeing can be done properly. Curlier hair has already be textured and bleaching or dyeing puts the hair through another round of processing which can damage the hair if done incorrectly.

Before washing the weave, make sure to finger comb it so that the strands are as free-flowing as possible. This allows the weave to get a proper washing without getting tangled. It is recommended to use a conditioner treatment before shampooing in order to prevent the weave from drying out.

Brushing the Afro Curl Peruvian Hair weave or any other Afro Curl style weave is not recommended because the curls will become unwound through brushing. Using fingers or a wide tooth finger comb is the preferred method of styling and managing the weave. Working a curling definer through the hair after washing it is all that is needed to keep the Afro Curl style hair looking natural.


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