Indian Hair Weave Straight Natural Black #1B


This hair has a soft texture and is easy to style. It’s naturally light, airy, and has a bounce to it.

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*Price shown is per 100g bundle

Indian hair straight weaves are the dream of many stylists. This hair has a soft texture and is easy to style. This hair originates in India and has similar hair to that found in this country. This hair is naturally light, airy, and has a bounce to it. The hair works with minimum products and blends well with most textures.


Key Features of Straight Indian Hair

Prices are shown for one bundle that weights 100 grams. You will need around 3 bundles for a full head of hair. Longer lengths may need more bundles. This hair is not processed and is virgin remy. The cuticles of the hair and intact and will align properly. This is the healthiest that natural hair can be found in. It is all natural as well. The Indian Hair Straight Weaves are healthy with minimal processing. This can be bleached, dried with a hairdryer, curled, and even straightened.


Installing the Straight Indian Weaves

To get the desired look the following weaves may be needed

10-14 inches: 2 bundles

16-22 inches: 3 bundles

24 -30 inches: 4 bundles

If you cannot install your weaves following the tips below. Do not cut the track of the weaves. Keep the track whole and wrap them around your head. Cutting the tracks will lead to shredding. Weave through the tracks or the stitching can lead to shredding.

Styling: You can style the weaves any way that you want. Because this hair is naturally straight curls will not last longer than one to two days. Refer to the FAQs and the blog for styling tips and ways to keep the weave looking great.


Caring for the Indian Straight Hair

The weave will last one to two years depending on how you take care of it. The weaves will need to be reapplied after one to two months to keep them looking great and keep up with the growth of your natural hair.

Bleaching and Dyeing: You can bleach or dye this weave. We recommend using a professional stylish. Bleaching can dry the hair out and can damage the weave if it is too strong.

Washing: Always brush before washing the hair. Use a pre conditioner before shampooing to reduce the chance of the hair drying.

Brushing: Brush your weave on a regular basis. Always start at the tip of the hair and work up towards the rot. We suggest using a paddle brush and avoid using a fine tooth comb.

Night Care: When getting ready for bed tie the hair into a twist and cover the hair using a satin cap. This will keep the hair from becoming tangled or damaged at night

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